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Digestive Health Specialists is committed to providing patients with high-quality care for their gastrointestinal needs. By utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and innovative treatment approaches, we are proud to be one of the leading gastroenterology groups in the Kansas City, MO area. We understand that it is essential to find a provider that listens to your needs and concerns. That's why we have collected feedback from past and current patients. Take some time to browse through our reviews to see firsthand the level of care our gastroenterologists offer to all of our patients.

5.0 Review from D.“. Source: Google Jul 07 2023

"Very professional place. Felt very comfortable with my colonoscopy. Dr. Chen was very kind and thorough. Kev was great and super nice. Everyone was great."

5.0 Review from A.K. Source: Google Jun 15 2023

"The procedure was painless and thorough to the point that Dr. Samuel explained the procedure in details. I received a follow up call the following day to see if I was doing ok. The staff and anesthesiologist was great. The prep the day before was the worst in preparing for a colonoscopy at any locations. I recommend Dr. Samuel for your colonoscopy."

5.0 Review from D.A. Source: Google Jun 15 2023

"Wonderful nursing staff and Dr Jones was fantastic. Very engaging, clear, and prompt. I would highly recommend Thomas Jones for your colonoscopy procedure."

5.0 Review from W.U. Source: Google May 24 2023

"Talk about a kind, enjoyable to dialogue with over a colonoscopy!!! Highly recommend her!"

5.0 Review from R.G. Source: Google Apr 25 2023

"Dr Eisenach and his team did a great job during my colonoscopy procedure last week and I am 200% satisfied with his team who all are ace professionals"

4.0 Review from T.M. Source: Google Apr 25 2023

"Trying to have a colonoscopy"

5.0 Review from R.P. Source: Google Mar 25 2023

"My first experience with GI care. Endoscopy and screening colonoscopy. Dr Doran and his team made the procedure easy to prepare for. I was impressed with the efficiency of the process on the day of my visit. And Dr Doran was great at communicating the specifics before and after."

5.0 Review from D.M. Source: Google Mar 25 2023

"DR. Clement was very very nice . He explained the colonoscopy procedure and answered all my questions. He is very personable and made me feel comfortable."

5.0 Review from D.S. Source: Google Feb 25 2023

"Dr. Clement was warm, courteous and professional. I felt very comfortable with him performing my colonoscopy."

5.0 Review from A.M. Source: Google Feb 25 2023

"I saw Dr. Khalid for an EGD and colonoscopy. He was very knowledgeable, to the point, and took time to answer my questions before and after the procedures. I was impressed with his bedside manner and the ease of the procedure. I did not experience any pain and had zero complications afterwards. Thank you Dr. Khalid. Your team was great as well! So kind!"

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: Google Jan 25 2023

"Friendly, relaxed atmosphere at the office. Come a little early for paperwork - there are a few things to review prior to the procedure even if you’re pre-registered. Nurses were great - made sure I was comfortable and at ease. Also met with anesthesia pre-procedure who was also very nice and professional. Dr “Sam” was great and answered all questions and was very thorough. Never felt rushed or unsure of staff!! Great experience for a colonoscopy!! Lol. The prep wasn’t too bad and I don’t remember anything until after it was all over!!"

5.0 Review from C.B. Source: Google Jan 25 2023

"Known doc for years was one of the drug reps that called on him years ago. This procedure (colonoscopy) was cake. The two days without food and the colon evacuation notwithstanding, doc and his crew are fantastic"

5.0 Review from R.B. Source: Google Oct 25 2022

"Dr Eisenach was very helpful in explaining the procedure of the colonoscopy and what to expect afterwards. I was very impressed by him."

5.0 Review from W.B. Source: Google Oct 25 2022

"Th Endoscopy Center felt just like being at a hospital but in much smaller scale. It was not stressful at all. There was someone there to walk me through my procedure every step of the way from the moment I was greeted at the front desk, until my final consultation with Dr. Shireman, I felt well informed and confident that I had been well cared for throughout the process. If you don’t have to go to a big hospital for a colonoscopy, I strongly recommend the Endoscopy Center."

5.0 Review from M.R. Source: Google Oct 25 2022

"Wonderful place to have your colonoscopy everyone was so nice"

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: Google Oct 25 2022

"Entire staff was great. Couldn't have been any better, considering you go in nervous for a colonoscopy. The experience itself was good also and everyone cares about your concerns and comfort."

5.0 Review from G.F. Source: Google Sep 25 2022

"Everything was smooth and the staff was wonderful.i barely knew anything happened after my colonoscopy.Dr explained everything very nicely and made me feel safe and comfortable. I highly recommend this place. My last colonoscopy was at this same place in 2015. This is where my next one will be also GC Fenton- Lisenby"

5.0 Review from G.K. Source: Google Sep 25 2022

"I have 2 procedure with him. One with another. No comparison. I will not have a colonoscopy done be anyone else!"

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: Google Aug 25 2022

"Dr Shireman and his staff were all friendly and helpful for my procedure. Although he couldn't perform the colonoscopy since the prep didn't work properly, he was able schedule a exam the next morning after a second round of prep. It wasn't pleasant doing more prep but glad to have a good exam."

5.0 Review from M.T. Source: Google Aug 25 2022

"I was very nervous prior to colonoscopy and endoscopy as it's my first time, but the process was very smooth. The Nurse Staff were friendly, the Anesthesiologist was great and Dr. Doran was excellent prior and post procedures. He is good at explaining which puts mind at ease."

5.0 Review from S.M. Source: Google Aug 25 2022

"Dr. Totta has an excellent bedside manner. He explained the process of the colonoscopy, answered my questions and was thorough with explaining the results."

5.0 Review from M.L. Source: Google Aug 25 2022

"Dr Clement was outstanding!!! He did not seem rushed before the procedure he took a lot of time to talk to me and understand my issues. He was very kind, professional, and compassionate. Dr. Clement made me feel like I was the only Colonoscopy scheduled for the day. I would not have a colonoscopy with anyone else but him."

5.0 Review from K.B. Source: Google Aug 25 2022

"I've had Dr Chen 2 times in 6 years for colonoscopy. The office staff and nurses were all friendly. Recommended highly."

5.0 Review from M.L. Source: Google Jun 25 2022

"First time for a colonoscopy procedure. Dr Clement couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable. Thank you. Explained the procedure thoroughly and sincerely cares about his patients. Nurses and staff were equally as pleasant."

5.0 Review from H.G. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Had baseline colonoscopy and was feeling apprehensive about the entire process. The staff were all fantastic. From check-in (Monica) to the nurses (Paula, 3 different Ashleys, Jana) to anesthesia (Dr. Trinidad and Jamie) and finally Dr. Doran, I received the best care and all put me at ease. I am so grateful!"

5.0 Review from A.N. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Dr. Able and her staff were extremely efficient, friendly and professional. Unfortunately, my colonoscopy turned up a cancerous mass, but Dr. Able had me referred to a general surgeon and oncology THAT DAY. Her quick reaction and planning made a scary situation so much easier to deal with. She was on top of the issue and did excellent follow-up care with me. I am forever grateful that I went to such a caring provider."

4.0 Review from S.M. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Dr. Doran is a gastroenterologist who works at Liberty hospital and has office hours in the doctor's building connected to the Liberty hospital. He performed an EGD and colonoscopy on me via emergency care, and I was very appreciate of his extensive comments and notes."

4.0 Review from M.H. Source: Google May 25 2022

"Dr Horowitz came to talk to me about postponing my colonoscopy due to inadequate prep. Although I was angry at the time I realize what he was telling me was the truth and that I had not adequately prepared. I appreciate his frankness."

5.0 Review from H.H. Source: Google May 25 2019

"Such a great colonoscopy Dr! Great experience!"