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Diverticulosis is a condition in which tiny pockets in your large intestine push outside of the outer lining of the colon. Though the pockets, referred to as diverticula, can appear anywhere in the intestines, they are most often seen on the left side of the abdomen, called the descending and sigmoid colon. Diverticulosis is often not a cause for concern and does not always lead to noticeable signs. Diverticulosis, and diverticulitis alike, fall in the category of diverticular conditions. Diverticulitis is the ailment where the small pouches are diseased or swollen. You will have diverticulosis prior to having diverticulitis. When you experience diverticulosis, it is essential to be seen by a GI provider in order to avoid getting diverticulitis. We encourage you to connect with Digestive Health Specialists today to request a visit. Our digestive health providers are proud to offer personalized treatment for diverticular conditions in Kansas City, MO.

Physicians are still unsure of the precise cause of diverticulosis. The general consensus is that the bulges come through the outside wall when increased strain in the colon is exerted as a result of intestinal contractions or constipation. Additionally, there seems to be a substantial correlation with family history, which demonstrates that genes can place a patient at a heightened risk for diverticulosis. Being older is the chief risk variable for diverticulosis. The issue may occur in both females and males. Beginning when you turn 40, the possibility of experiencing diverticulosis rises roughly every 10 years. About 50% of individuals aged between 60-80 have diverticulosis, and many individuals older than 80 have the condition.

Typically, a person will not notice warning signs of diverticulosis. If someone were to show symptoms of diverticulosis, those often involve:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fewer bowel movements than normal
  • Abdominal discomfort and cramps
  • Bloated stomach

In the event that you develop any troubling indicators in your GI system, including the ones above, call Digestive Health Specialists to talk to a gastroenterologist in your community.

The main goal of treatment for diverticulosis is to keep the bulges from getting infected or swollen. Our Kansas City, MO gastroenterology providers will discuss the appropriate solutions to benefit your condition, but several possible options include:

  • Take fiber supplements
  • Take probiotics
  • Eat more fiber

A few ways to avoid diverticular conditions include:

  • Avoid using NSAID pain relievers such as Advil
  • Quit smoking or don’t become a tobacco user
  • Lose weight if overweight
  • Stay away from red meat and foods high in fat
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For those who are vulnerable to diverticulosis and want to avoid the acute infection of diverticulitis, we recommend that you partner with a digestive health expert so you can manage your issue. You can find a local GI physician with our physician-led practice of gastroenterologists at Digestive Health Specialists. Whenever you experience indications of a digestive health issue or need intervention for diverticulosis in Kansas City, MO, call us today and request an appointment with a board-certified gastroenterologist so you can sustain your optimal well-being.

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