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Heartburn is a GI symptom that is described as a burning pain behind your breastbone. This pain may get worse following meals or at bedtime. Heartburn could also occur when lying in a horizontal position or when leaning forward. When you’ve experienced heartburn you are not able to control or have frequent heartburn that interrupts your daily routine, it could be an indication of a larger issue, like acid reflux. The GI providers at Digestive Health Specialists can aid you in treating the condition. If you are looking to get relief from your heartburn in Kansas City, MO, please reach out to our team to request a consultation.

Although the majority of people are able to manage their heartburn on their own, being aware of the symptoms is vital to managing the condition, as well as recognizing when it is time to visit one of the gastrointestinal specialists at Digestive Health Specialists Gastroenterology. The symptoms of heartburn are:

  • Salty or acidic taste in the mouth
  • Burning that heightens when you lie in a horizontal position or when you bend over
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • A hot feeling in your throat
  • A burning discomfort behind your breastbone after meals

Generally, the quickest way to relieve your heartburn symptoms is to use over-the-counter antacids that help reduce stomach acidity. However, over-the-counter medications cannot heal the esophagus lining that’s been damaged by gastric acidity.

If over-the-counter medicines haven't been effective, or you believe you’ve been taking them too consistently, our Kansas City, MO gastroenterolgists are ready to help you. They will work closely with you to help you manage your heartburn successfully. Contact our practice today to get the relief you need.

Heartburn can be a painful issue, but it can be managed. Manage your acid indigestion by receiving treatment from the trained GI providers at Digestive Health Specialists. Our team frequently addresses heartburn in Kansas City, MO individuals and will work with you to alleviate your symptoms so that you can enjoy your daily life.


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What factors cause heartburn?

A number of things can lead to heartburn. Common reasons behind this digestive symptom include:

  • Conditions such as GERD or a hiatal hernia
  • Pregnancy
  • Certain medications
  • Eating too much
  • Consuming caffeine or alcohol
  • Eating spicy, acidic, or fatty foods
  • Lying down soon after eating
  • Using tobacco products
When should heartburn become a concern?

Having heartburn on occasion is common and typically not a source of concern. However, if you notice heartburn two or more times per week, it might indicate the presence of GERD. In these instances, it is imperative to visit a healthcare professional. The team at Digestive Health Specialists provides treatment for this digestive issue and can help.

Is heartburn harmful to your health?

Having heartburn on occasion is generally not a concern. However, chronic or unaddressed heartburn may cause issues such as esophagitis (inflammation of the esophagus), Barrett's esophagus (a precancerous condition), or even esophageal cancer, among other conditions. Prompt treatment from one of our Kansas City, MO practitioners can help protect your GI wellness and general health.

When should you see a doctor for heartburn?

Heartburn can occur with a variety of medical problems and should be reviewed by a medical professional. We encourage you to consult one of our gastroenterologists in the event:

  • You experience heartburn two or more times a week.
  • You have difficulty swallowing.
  • You experience frequent vomiting.
  • The discomfort of heartburn is extreme or occurs with other symptoms.
  • Nonprescription treatments do not relieve your symptoms.
  • You experience unexplained weight loss.

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