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Yellow coloring of the skin and eyes is defined as when the skin and the whites of the eyes turn a shade of yellow. In adults, this can be caused by liver disease, a bile duct obstruction, or redness and swelling in the gallbladder. It is a result of high levels of bilirubin within the blood. This can also be commonly found in infants if the premature liver is not yet able to filter out enough bilirubin. At Digestive Health Specialists, our team can help identify the reason behind this symptom. For more in-depth information about what causes yellowing of the skin and eyes and why it occurs, request a consultation with our Kansas City, MO gastrointestinal providers today.

Although it is normally a symptom of liver dysfunction, this could also be a result of a genetic blood disorder called thalassemia, where your body produces an abnormal amount of hemoglobin. Yellow eyes and skin could also be a symptom of the following conditions:

  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Bile duct obstruction
  • Gallbladder problems
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Hepatitis B, C, and E
  • Hepatic cancer
  • Alcohol-related liver conditions
  • Acute inflammation of the pancreas
  • Hepatitis D and A
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Infection

If the yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes is caused by an infection, it may also be accompanied by a fever, chills, abdominal aches, flu-like symptoms, brown-colored urine, and clay-colored bowel movements. If the yellow color is not due to an infection, patients could experience weight loss or itchy skin. Our specialists can uncover the root cause of this symptom and provide the correct treatment needed to improve yellow-colored eyes and skin in Kansas City, MO patients.

Yellow coloring of the skin and eyes is usually a sign of an existing condition. It could indicate an issue in the liver, pancreas, or gallbladder. It is important to seek medical care as soon as this develops so the right treatment can be administered. The treatment for yellow-colored skin and eyes will depend on the underlying cause. For instance, if you have acute viral hepatitis, the yellowish tone will go away on its own once the liver begins to recover. If an obstructed bile duct is at fault, surgery could be needed. To learn more about the signs and treatments for the yellowing of the eyes and skin, we encourage you to consult a GI specialist at Digestive Health Specialists. Our team will discuss available treatments and decide which one would work for you.

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If you've developed a yellow coloring in your eyes or skin, you should have the issue addressed as soon as possible. It is a common sign of a pre-existing medical condition that should be evaluated. Contact the skilled GI providers at Digestive Health Specialists to request a consultation. Our providers are pleased to offer treatment for yellowing of the skin and eyes in Kansas City, MO, and can help you find the appropriate intervention.

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