Mallory Grassmuck, MS, RD, LD
Medical School University of Kansas Medical Center

As Summit GI's first staffed dietitian, Mallory Grassmuck's career goal is to educate, facilitate and motivate those whose overall health can be improved by making knowledgeable food choices. "The role of diet in gastrointestinal disorders is the key to a better quality of life," says Mallory. Teaching patients how to make small changes that fit into their lifestyle is essential to better health. Mallory is able to see a variety of gastrointestinal disorders, including gastroparesis, irritable bowel disease, diverticulitis, gastritis, food allergies and celiac disease. In May 2014, Mallory was recognized by the Kansas City Dietetic Association as Missouri's Young Dietitian of the Year. She was honored to receive this award. Mallory graduated with her master’s degree in dietetics and nutrition from University of Kansas Medical Center. She is thrilled to be helping patients with GI conditions overcome the daily battle of nutrition.